The Urodynamics Clinic is located in QCH’s Endoscopy Department on level 2 of the hospital. Urodynamic testing evaluates how well your bladder stores and empties urine. The test involves assessing the bladder, the urethra, and the urinary sphincter. The information obtained from this test is important to diagnose and treat many forms of bladder dysfunction. It will also help determine if surgery is necessary, and which procedure would be best for you.

Referrals and appointments:

The QCH Urodynamics Clinic receives referrals for testing directly from QCH Urologists. Patient’s looking to be referred for testing will need to be seen by a QCH Urologist first.


Appointments for referred patients are booked by the QCH Ambulatory Care Patient Scheduling Team. Once the appointment is booked, patients who have a Connected Care Patient Portal account will receive an email confirming the appointment 7 days prior to the appointment. These patients receive an email with information about the testing and how to prepare for their appointment.

Contact the Ambulatory Care patient scheduling team:

Phone: 613-721-4788; option 8


Hours of operation:

Tuesday’s, from 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

More information:

Urodynamic testing information:

What to bring

  • Health card
  • Updated medication and allergy list

How to prepare


    • Take your regular medications unless your Urologist instructs otherwise.
    • If you have a heart-valve defect, artificial valve, or artificial joints and have been told to take antibiotics before dental procedures, you should take the same antibiotics before this test. Contact your family doctor’s office to obtain a prescription if needed.

A change of clothes: 

      • Bring a change of underwear, slacks/pants and socks.

On the day of the test:

      • Your bladder must be full when the test begins. To do this, drink two to three (2-3) cups (500-750mLs) of fluid before coming to the clinic. Avoid tea and coffee.
      • *Please note: Finish drinking these fluids one hour before your appointment time, and do not empty your bladder. (If you have an indwelling foley catheter, drink fluids normally)

Arrival to hospital:

      • Please plan to arrive to QCH Main Registration 15-20min before your scheduled appointment.
      • This provides enough time to register, walk to the clinic, and change before your appointment.

What to expect

Please note: If you have/may have a urinary tract infection (UTI), you must reschedule.
The test takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete and is carried out in many steps:


1) You will be asked to sit on a special commode/toilet (in a private room) that will measure the flow and volume of urine.

2) Next, while you are lying down, the Nurse will pass a catheter into your bladder to empty it completely of urine. This catheter will be removed.


3) A small catheter will be placed into your rectum to read the pressure around your bladder.


4) Another smaller catheter will be placed to fill your bladder with sterile saline, during which bladder pressures will be monitored by computer.

        • You will be asked to indicate when you have the urge to urinate.
        • As your bladder is filling, you will be asked to cough.
        • The pressure in your urethra will also be measured.

5) You will be provided a prescription for antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infection. Remember to finish the full prescription as ordered.