Queensway Carleton Hospital is pleased to present our annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in concert with Health Quality Ontario. The QIP covers our successes and lessons learned from the previous year's efforts as well as our action plans outlined for the year to come.

QCH’s goals and objectives are focused on the following:

  • Clinical Excellence – improving patient safety and quality of care
  • Operational Excellence – effectively and efficiently using our infrastructure, our finances, and our people.
  • Patient/Family Centered Care and Service – improving patient/family engagement and satisfaction
  • Integrated Care and Service – improving continuity of and transitions in care and service across the hospital and upon discharge by collaborating strategically with our partners
  • Responsiveness to Care and Service Needs – improving access to programs and services (through efforts such as reducing wait times)


Queensway Carleton Hospital is committed to patient safety and providing quality care to our patients and families. Below is the hospital's Quality Improvement Plan. Questions related to this plan can be directed to questions@qch.on.ca.

Quality Improvement Plan 2023-2024

QIP Cover 2023-2024

QIP Workplan 2023-2024

QIP Progress Report 2023-2024

Last year's QIP:

Quality Improvement Plan 2022-2023  

QIP Workplan 2022-2023