Input from Patients and their Families is Key to Improving the Patient Experience

Establishment of the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) reaffirms QCH’s commitment to engaging the community in order to provide excellent and effective health care to all its patients. This commitment was recently recognized by the Ontario Hospital Association in its recent accreditation review of the hospital.


The Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) PFAC is a joint committee composed of patients and family members as well as hospital administrative staff. 


Engaging patients and families through the use of PFACs is a strategy hospitals across the country are utilizing to improve the quality of care, and patient experiences. The insights in which these individuals can provide offer a fresh perspective and can add significant value as quality improvement partners.


Patient and family engagement provides valuable feedback to staff on what patient’s value and how they and their families can best contribute to their hospital experience.


The QCH PFAC has been in existence since 2014 and holds meetings on a monthly basis. The council is chaired by a former patient/family member and supported by Patient Relations Ombudsman Susan Barnes.


QCH is very proud that the PFAC has played a significant contributing role in a number of initiatives. PFAC members contribute to the review and development of a number of hospital initiatives including hospital signage and way finding; linen reduction strategy, noise reduction strategy, and policies for care partners and visitors.


Members of PFAC are involved in many committees of the hospital including: Medical Advisory Committee, Quality Council, Ethics, Unit Councils, and ongoing working groups to name a few.


Terms of Reference Attachment

For more information, please contact Susan Barnes, Patient Relations Ombudsman

(613) 721-2000, ext. 5655 

PFAC poster