Finding your way to the Childbirth Unit

receptionist at lobby desk

The Volunteer at the Main Entrance will happily direct you to the Childbirth Unit, or you may use the available directional signage to find your way.

If you arrive after 10:00 pm, you will enter the hospital through the Emergency Department and be directed to the Childbirth Unit, as the Main Entrance is locked for security purposes after this time.

Please note that the Unit is locked for the protection of mothers and babies. Use the telephone next to the Childbirth Centre door to gain access to the Unit.

When you arrive in the Childbirth Unit, you will be assessed in the Birth Unit Triage. This a four-bed assessment area where a Registered Nurse will take your vital signs, listen to your baby and perform other assessments depending on the reason for your visit. The Nurse will have the Physician on-call see you or contact them by phone. Based on assessments made by the Nurse and the Physician, decisions will be made to either discharge you home or admit you to a Labour and Delivery Room.