Labour and Birth Unit (LBU)

Patient smiling down at newborn baby 

The Labour and Birthing Unit is where you will deliver your baby. Each of the eight private Birthing Rooms are fully equipped to support your labour. while promoting a safe and calm, home-like environment. You can have a maximum of two support people, including your partner, in this room.

When your baby is being delivered, there will be a second Nurse present to care for the baby as soon as he or she is delivered. There may also be a Respiratory Therapist or a Pediatrician present depending on what type of delivery you have.

In most vaginal births, the baby will be placed on your tummy or chest right after delivery to support our practice of skin-to-skin to help baby adjust to being outside of the uterus, promote bonding between you and baby and to help regulate baby's temperature.

If there are no problems with baby, the Nurse present to care for baby will be able to do any baby assessments needed while baby is skin-to-skin with you.

The healthcare provider present at the birth will ask you, your partner or other support person if they would like to cut the cord of a baby born in an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.

After the delivery, you and your baby will stay in the Birthing Room for 1-2 hours to rest and recover. During this time, if you have chosen to breastfeed, our practice is to initiate breastfeeding as soon as possible after delivery, provided you and baby are doing well.