Nurse with patient and babyLabour & Delivery Nurses are specially trained to provide nursing care for women who are about to give birth and who are in labour. They monitor the fetal heart rate, the patient's blood pressure, time contractions and examine the mother-to-be to see how close she is to delivering the baby. Labour & Delivery Nurses also identify any complications. Before labour, they educate a woman and her family on the stages of giving birth, and what to expect. During labour, they may coach a woman to do breathing exercises and when to push. They assist other Nurses and Physicians in administering pain medications or performing epidurals, episiotomies and C-section deliveries. They may also start IVs to administer Pitocin, a synthetic hormone that stimulates contractions and helps a woman go into labour more quickly. Another important responsibility of a Labour & Delivery Nurse is to care for the mother and baby after the baby is born, and educate the mother on breastfeeding and personal care after childbirth.

Our Nursing Team is here for you, your baby and your family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop and ask them.