Classes for patients who have had total joint replacements are held in the Physiotherapy Department and on the Inpatient Unit. Therapy focuses on attaining the maximal level functionally possible through pain control, enhancement of strength and balance, and gaining range of motion.

Patients are cared for in a compassionate and supportive environment to recover from their acute injury or surgery and guided to meet functional goals, so that patients can return to their optimum level of function.

Inpatient Services

Physiotherapists (PT) evaluate a patient’s physical and functional abilities and works closely with patients to develop functional goals to increase mobility, relieve pain, build strength, increase range of motion, improve balance, and optimize cardiorespiratory function. PT’s provide patients and their care partners with education and recommendations to support a safe and successful transition from hospital.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient physiotherapy at Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) provides post injury and surgical care and education to QCH patients recovering from or preparing for acute musculoskeletal injury, orthopedic surgery, broken bones, and total joint replacement surgery (i.e. total hip and total knee replacement surgeries). Click here to access Total Joint Replacement prehab videos and information.

    • Location: Outpatient Rehabilitation Services is located in James Beach Wing (west entrance), Level 1 (lower level).
    • Phone: 613-721-2000 ext. 4707

Outpatient physiotherapy provides care to those 14 years of age or older with the following:

    • Total hip, knee and shoulder replacements (bundled care and those not covered under bundled care).
    • Acute and sub-acute musculoskeletal injuries and surgery patients referred by QCH attending orthopedic surgeons (with onset in the past three months).
    • Post-acute in-patient rehab admissions referred by QCH attending physicians with clear goals for continued physiotherapy.

QCH Outpatient physiotherapy does NOT accept referrals for:

    • WSIB and Motor Vehicle Accident.
    • TMJ, Concussion or Pelvic Floor.
    • Chronic pain or Repetitive Strain Injury.
    • QCH patients referred by emergency department physicians who are not followed by orthopedics (these patients are not eligible for out-patient services as a physician is required for ongoing follow up during their care).

Patients who do not meet the above criteria are provided a list of locations for OHIP clinics, if applicable, and encouraged to follow up with private physiotherapy clinics in the community.