Monitoring My Care

Some post-operative patients will be asked to take part in the “Monitoring My Care” (MMC) program. The MMC program is designed to help discharged patients, and their care team, monitor progress virtually, during recovery at home.

How it works:

On the day of the surgery, patients participating in the MMC program will receive an email containing a link to a questionnaire. Once discharged, patients will complete this questionnaire once a day during their recovery period (7 days).

Depending on the patients’ responses, they may be asked to call our “Monitoring My Care” nurse coordinator for further assessment.

The Monitoring My Care (MMC) program is hosted on our Connected Care Patient Portal. Patients participating in the MMC program must have an account on the Connected Care Patient Portal. If you do not have an account, please ask for one when registering for any appointment at Queensway Carleton Hospital. Our team will send you an email containing a link to create your account. For security purposes, these requests must be made in-person. For more information about the Connected Care Patient Portal, please follow this link:

Benefits of the MMC program:

    • Allows patients to self-monitor their recovery and connect with their care team virtually, from the comfort of their own homes.
    • Reduces unnecessary trips to the Emergency Department.
    • By recovering at home, patients:
      • are in a comfortable and familiar environment with the support of family and friends.
      • are more likely to maintain or improve their ability to perform daily activities.
      • reduce their risk of contracting hospital acquired infections.

NOTE: This program is not a substitute for urgent or emergency medical care.