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Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Queensway Carleton Hospital’s Quality Improvement Plan follows a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care template and selection of quality indicators included in the template. In addition, QCH has incorporated additional quality indicators drawn from our annual Balanced Scorecard (a performance management tool).

The Hospital’s Plan will be finalized when:

  1. actual year-end performance data is available; and
  2. we receive clarification and specifics of the provincial budget and associated legislated directives Queensway Carleton Hospital remains committed to ensuring that patient safety and quality care is our priority as we move forward with planning for the future and providing care to our community. Below is the 2015-16 QCH Quality Improvement Plan which is our guide for the coming year.

Quality Improvement Plan Narrative 2016-17
Quality Improvement Plan 2016-17
Quality Improvement Plan Progress Report 2016-17