Surgical Program Builds Regional Capacity

May 09, 2023

The Total Knee Surgery Program between Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) and Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH), which has now been operating for a year, has been a success – completing an additional 287 cases. That’s 30% more total knee surgeries than would have been accomplished without this collaborative model. 

This program started in May last year to build surgical capacity in the region, with QCH surgeons going to ARH to do additional surgeries with the ARH anesthetists, nurses, and allied health professionals. The two hospitals have a long-standing collaborative relationship which has been strengthened by their partnership with the Ottawa West Four Rivers Ontario Health Team.

Through this successful program, the team is helping patients get their knee surgeries sooner and freeing up the operating rooms at QCH to perform other, more complex surgeries and reduce wait times. This is especially important to help address post-pandemic wait lists.

“My patients have been very happy to undergo their surgery in a timely fashion at ARH,” said Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon. “This program provides a small hospital feel while incorporating cutting-edge technology and techniques. Our treatment team uses advanced surgical and anesthetic methods to provide excellent care to our patients.” 

The Program has received positive patient feedback on their overall experience. 

Eric Emon, 76, who lives in Calabogie, was pleased to have his total knee replacement surgery in March 2023 at the nearby ARH, shortening his wait time from approximately six to three months. 

Eric shared: "I had a lot of knee pain before my surgery. If I stepped the wrong way, my leg would often give out because of the pain. It was a great surgery experience. The nurses and physiotherapy team were fantastic; they explained everything and made me feel at ease. My pain has significantly reduced since my knee replacement, and I plan to return there for my second knee surgery."

Leading up to the 2022 launch, QCH provided the ARH Surgical Team with specialized training for a smooth implementation. Karen Prins, RN with ARH's Surgical Services, shared that it was initially a learning curve for her team, but the QCH preceptors provided excellent support. 

“It's been a really good implementation experience for our team," said Karen, an RN at ARH for 22 years. "We have a great rapport with the surgeons, and our patients are very satisfied. I have found it interesting to see a different surgical service and how it can successfully improve the quality of life for patients."  

QCH knee surgery patients can have their surgery done at ARH if they meet specific criteria for the day surgery. Some of the eligibility requirements are:

Patients must not have serious health problems or major mobility issues that could impact same-day discharge (ARH will not be admitting knee surgery patients to their inpatient unit.

Patients can only have surgery on one knee (not doing double joints on the same day).

Patients must be in good respiratory health (considerations will include chronic respiratory conditions, recent pneumonia or COVID-19 etc.)   




Melissa McDermott

Manager, Communications and Community Engagement
Arnprior Regional Health