Moving forward with masking and protecting patients

June 09, 2022

As the community continues to open up and move past COVID-19 protections, Queensway Carleton Hospital will continue to keep our protections in place for the safety of our patients and our people.

We will continue to ask everyone to wear a mask at QCH.

Many patients who are sick, vulnerable or immunocompromised come to us for care daily. They, and their loved ones, trust that the hospital is a safe place for them to get better and heal. So, we actively put plans and protections in place to ensure their environment is safe for them; extending the mask mandate at QCH is part of that.

Your safety, healing and recovery is and always will be our main priority.

Yes, the COVID-19 numbers are showing good news: hospitalizations are down, the positivity rate is down, wastewater signals are down. But COVID-19 – and its impacts – are still here. So masks, screening and COVID-19 protections will stay at QCH for a little while longer, too.

Thank you for making QCH a safer environment for our patients to heal and recover.

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Kelly Spence
Communications Coordinator