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Hospital Executives

Leah Levesque, Interim President and CEO
Dr. Sanjay Acharya, Chief of Staff
David Price, Interim Vice President Patient Care

Cameron Best, Vice President Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Tim Pemberton, Vice President Clinical Support & Information Management and Chief Privacy Officer

Greg Hedgecoe, Vice President, People, Performance Improvement and Diagnostic Services

Dr. Rajiv Prihar, Vice President Medical Affairs

Medical Leaders
Dr. Sanjay Acharya, Chief of Staff
Dr. Adam Cohn, Deputy Chief of Staff
Dr. Doug Cochen, Chief Medical Information Officer
Dr. Bhaskar Gopalan, Medical Director - Emergency Services

Dr. Cherif Ibrahim, Medical Director - Laboratory Services 

Dr. Jakub Majewski, President of the Medical Staff

Dr. Adam Nicholson, Secretary/Treasurer of the Medical Staff
Dr. Elizabeth Shouldice, Vice President of the Medical Staff

Dr. Susan Thorne, Medical Director - Childbirth Program 

Dr. Dang Troung, Medical Director - Diagnostic Services
Dr. Joel Weaver, Medical Director - Peri-Operative Services 

Dr. Sunil Varghese, Medical Director - Medical Services 


Department Chiefs 

Dr. Ian Ozard, Chief of Anaesthesia
Dr. Akshai Iyengar, Chief of Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Dang Troung, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Bhaskar Gopalan, Chief of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Bethany Jackson, Chief of Family Medicine
Dr. Rob Nichols, Chief of Geriatrics
Dr. Cherif Ibrahim, Chief of Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Sunil Varghese, Chief of Medicine
Dr. Susan Thorne, Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology
Dr. Jim Randall, Chief of Orthopaedics
Dr. Andrzej Rochowski, Chief of Paediatrics
Dr. Kathi Kovacs, Chief of Psychiatry 
Dr. Dana Pecjak, Chief of Rehabilitation
Dr. Bruce Gay, Chief of Surgery

Board of Directors 

A  Board of Directors governs the Queensway Carleton Hospital on behalf of the residents in our community. Ensuring that the hospital is able to meet the needs of our community is foremost for the Board of Directors. They also provide strategic leadership and, working with the senior management team, develop future directions for the hospital and the services it offers.



Ms. Judie Leach Bennett, Board Chair
Ms. Leah Levesque, Interim Secretary

Mr. Ken Alger, Vice Chair

Mr. Jim Brockbank, Vice Chair

Mr. Atul Aggarwal

Mr. Kin Choi
Ms. Janet Cosier

Ms. Christine Desloges 

Ms. Linda Hunter 

Ms. Lori Lennox
Mr. Andy Macdonald

Mr. Chad Schella


Ms. Karen Sparks, QCH Foundation Chair
Dr. Jakub Majewski, President of the Medical Staff

Dr. Elizabeth Shouldice, Vice President of the Medical Staff
Ms. Melissa Dougherty, Interim Chief Nursing Executive