Hospital Fees for Patients with valid Canadian Provincial or Federal Health Insurance

Effective April 1, 2024

A resident of Ontario or another province with valid provincial health insurance or a Canadian resident with valid federal insurance (Canadian Armed Forces, Workers Safety Insurance Board, Refugee with Interim Federal Health Program) must provide valid health insurance information to be entitled to health care paid for by their respective plan.

Hospital Outpatient Fees - Medically Necessary
Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP)Other Provincial and Federal Plans
Outpatient visit (Hospital appointments), each$0$0
Emergency visit, each$0$0
Day surgery: low$0$0
Day surgery: medium$0$0
Day surgery: high$0$0
Hospital Inpatient Fees: Daily Room Charges
Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) Other Provincial and Federal Plans
Ward - regular acute care$0$0
Ward - intensive care$0$0
Semi-private room$275$275
Private room$330$330
Other Fees in Addition to Outpatient and/or Inpatient Visit Fees as Applicable
Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP)Other Provincial and Federal Plans
X-Ray, varied$0$0
MRI per time block$0$0
CT Scan$0$0
High risk ultrasound$0$0
Lab tests, each$0$0
Ambulance charges, medically necessary, each trip$45$240
Ambulance charges, not medically necessary, each trip$240$240
Private transportation charges, each trip $220$220
Casting, varied$20 and up$20 and up
Rehabilitation and mobility appliances, varied$2 - $240$2 - $240

Telephone and Television services

As billed by the rental company when services are ordered.


Ambulance Charges

Charges for public and private transportation will apply if you take these means of transport to or from the hospital when coming from or going to a residence, whether the ambulance was arranged by the patient or the hospital. Public ambulance co-payment rates are mandated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLC). Ambulance co-payment exemptions apply for inter-hospital transfers, persons living in MOHLTC licensed facilities, or persons receiving certain home care or social assistance with valid documentation.

Rehabilitation and Mobility Appliances

There are charges for assistive devices or appliances such as crutches, fiberglass casts, splints, walkers, canes, immobilizers, breast pump, etc. Prices vary with item.

Cosmetic Surgery

Non-medically necessary procedures such as cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic implants, and circumcision are not covered under any Provincial or Federal Plan and must be paid for by the patient. Inpatient room fees for non-medically necessary procedures will apply if admitted.


Fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change annually.


For further information, contact Financial Services at (613) 721-4704 or