Most large organizations take on the task of developing a strategic plan in order to clearly define its roadmap, or direction for the future, which then guides the planning of resources – including equipment, buildings and people – needed to pursue this strategy. QCH’s Strategic Plan – Vision 2021, clearly states short and long term goals that set our priorities into the future.


Queensway Carleton Hospital is undertaking a strategic planning process to update its current Strategic Plan Vision 2021 that was developed in 2007. Although the five-year goals of the strategic plan have been reviewed annually as part of an annual corporate planning process, QCH is looking to refresh and refocus its strategy in response to the external and internal changes since Vision 2021 was initially developed and to prepare the organization for the future. The strategic planning process will be inclusive and engage a wide range of stakeholders, such as patients, management, staff, Board members, health sector partners, community groups and other relevant stakeholders. The strategic planning process will be driven by the QCH Board of Directors and began in October 2019 and will be completed no later than March 31, 2020.

More information on our new plan can be found here at True North.

Vision 2021 Plan Information:

View Vision 2021 - the QCH Strategic Plan.
QCH 5 Year Strategic Themes and Goals - 2019/20