ICU Nurses

ICU nurses are truly the minute-to-minute critical care providers. They not only help to provide, but also coordinate, most aspects of care delivery. They have special training and experience in caring for critically ill and injured patients. Many ICU nurses have attained advanced certification in critical care and have earned the title Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN). Because care is delivered around the clock, depending on the patient's length of stay in the ICU, you may encounter numerous ICU nurses. They communicate with each other and the ICU physicians regularly and in a coordinated fashion. They are dedicated to the best possible outcomes for the critically ill and injured patient and are often a terrific source of information about a patient's condition.

ICU Clinical Nurse Educator

ICU Nurse

A clinical nurse educator(CNE) provides administrative and educational support for ICU nurses at the bedside or in a class room. CNE’s complete audits and educational in-services to ensure patient safety and make certain that the very best care is provided to patients and their families. CNE’s teach other nurses, develop policies that guide nursing practice, establish education plans for corporate changes that impact nursing (new equipment/medications/etc).

ICU Nurse Manager

A nurse manager is a nurse with additional experience and education, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the ICU. In addition to managing the ICU nursing staff, the nurse manager is responsible for the ICU budget and practices. The nurse manager is responsible for ensuring that the care in the ICU is safe. They hire ICU nurses and ensure that all nursing staff members meet the standards established for their performance.

ICU Care Facilitator

A Care facilitator is an ICU nurse that does not have a patient assignment. The care facilitator manages the ICU bedside flow and patient and family care. Care Facilitators directly support ICU staff and facilitate care, while communicating unit priorities such staffing or unit needs to the nurse manager.