parking machine

Hospital visitors access the easy-to-use automated parking system by following these steps:

Entering the parking lot:

Retrieve a ticket at the Entry Station as you enter the parking lot. You should carry this ticket with you as you will require it at the Pay Station when you exit the parking lot.

Exiting the parking lot:

The Pay Station is located inside the a climate-controlled booth centrally located at the front of the parking lot. Visitors scan their ticket at the Pay Station and pay the amount shown. The Pay Station machine accepts coin, bills or credit cards. The Pay Station machine issues an exit ticket required to leave the lot. Visitors can also follow the simple touch-screen option to purchase daily, weekly or monthly passes at the Pay Station machines.

Visitors insert their exit ticket at the Exit Station. There is also an option at the Exit Station to pay by credit card and bypassing a stop at the Pay Station.